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Urofill: penile filling technique to increase penis caliber




In the field of urology, new techniques and treatments are always emerging to improve the quality of life and sexual health of patients. One of these innovations is the Urofill, a non-surgical procedure that aims to increase the caliber of the penis through penile filling.

In this introduction, we will briefly discuss what Urofill is, its purpose and the importance of discussing this topic in urology.


What is Urofill?

Urofill is a penile filling technique that uses a biocompatible and absorbable material to increase the caliber of the penis. This minimally invasive procedure has gained popularity among patients and urologists because it is a safe and effective option for treating aesthetic and functional issues related to penile size.


Purpose of Urofill

Urofill’s main objective is to improve the self-esteem and sexual satisfaction of patients who feel dissatisfied with the size of their penis. Many men experience anxiety and self-doubt due to their penis size, which can negatively impact their sex life and emotional well-being.

By increasing the caliber of the penis, Urofill can help alleviate these concerns and provide greater confidence in intimacy.


Why approach Urofill in urology?

Discussing Urofill in the field of urology is crucial for several reasons:

  1. Awareness: Many patients may not be aware of this treatment option or have misinformation about it. By approaching Urofill in a medical context, we can ensure that patients have access to accurate and up-to-date information about the procedure.
  2. Safety and Effectiveness: As with any medical treatment, it is critical that patients understand the risks and benefits associated with Urofill. When discussing the topic in urology, we can highlight the safety and effectiveness of the procedure, as well as the care and precautions that must be taken.
  3. Demystifying: Dealing with issues related to the size of the penis can be a sensitive topic surrounded by taboos. By addressing Urofill in urology, we can help demystify the subject and encourage more patients to seek professional help to address their concerns.
  4. Advancement in medicine: Innovation is a fundamental aspect of medicine, and Urofill represents a significant advance in the treatment of issues related to penis size. Discussing this technique in urology helps to promote the continuous evolution of the area and the adoption of new therapeutic approaches.


What is Urofill?


Urofill is an innovative procedure that aims to increase the caliber of the penis through penile filling, providing aesthetic and functional improvements for patients. In this section, we describe the procedure in detail, explaining its purpose and the technique employed.


Purpose of Urofill

The main objective of Urofill is to provide an increase in the caliber of the penis, improving the self-esteem and sexual satisfaction of patients who feel dissatisfied with the size of the organ.

In addition, the procedure can contribute to the improvement of sexual function and performance, positively impacting the intimate life of patients.


Penile filling technique

The Urofill penile filling technique consists of injecting a biocompatible and absorbable material under the skin of the penis to increase its caliber.

The material used is usually a gel based on hyaluronic acid, a substance naturally present in the human body that has excellent filling and moisturizing properties.

The procedure is performed in the doctor’s office under local anesthesia and takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete. Below is a step-by-step description of the technique:

  1. Consultation and Evaluation: Prior to the procedure, the urologist will evaluate the patient to determine if he is a suitable candidate for Urofill. This assessment includes a physical examination, medical history, and discussion of the patient’s expectations and concerns.
  2. Preparation: On the day of the procedure, the patient will receive guidance to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. The genital area will be cleaned and disinfected to minimize the risk of infection.
  3. Anesthesia: The doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the penile area to ensure that the patient does not feel pain during the procedure.
  4. Injection of the filling material: With the help of a special syringe, the doctor will inject the hyaluronic acid gel under the skin of the penis, distributing it evenly throughout the organ to guarantee an aesthetically pleasing result.
  5. Massage and molding: After injection of the filler material, the doctor will gently massage the penis to mold and properly distribute the gel, ensuring a natural and symmetrical appearance.
  6. Post-Procedure Care: The patient will receive instructions on how to care for the treated area and will be able to resume their daily activities as normal. However, it is recommended to avoid physical activities intense sex and intercourse for about a week after the procedure.


Duration and maintenance of Urofill

The effect of Urofill usually lasts between 1 and 2 years, varying according to the patient’s body and the amount of material injected.

As hyaluronic acid is a substance that is absorbable by the body, the penile fill will gradually decrease over time. Therefore, it is common for patients to require maintenance sessions to maintain the desired results.


Advantages of Urofill compared to other procedures

Urofill has several advantages over other procedures to increase the caliber of the penis, such as:

  1. Minimally invasive: Urofill is a non-surgical procedure, which means it does not involve cutting, suturing or scarring. This results in a faster recovery time and a lower risk of complications.
  2. Safety: The use of biocompatible and absorbable materials, such as hyaluronic acid, reduces the risk of adverse reactions and infections.
  3. Immediate results: The increase in the caliber of the penis is noticeable immediately after the procedure, providing immediate patient satisfaction.
  4. Reversibility: If the patient is not satisfied with the results, the effect of Urofill can be reversed through the injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase, which dissolves hyaluronic acid.
  5. Customization: The urologist can adjust the amount of injected filling material according to the needs and expectations of each patient, ensuring personalized results.

In this article, we have already covered the introduction to Urofill and its penile filling technique. Below, we will discuss the indications and contraindications for the procedure, as well as the benefits and results that patients can expect.

In addition, we will also address the risks and potential complications associated with Urofill so that patients can make informed decisions about treatment.


Indications and contraindications


Urofill is a versatile procedure that can be indicated to treat various conditions related to the size and aesthetics of the penis. However, there are also situations when the procedure is not recommended. In this section, we will cover the main indications and contraindications of Urofill.


Urofill indications

  1. Dissatisfaction with the caliber of the penis: Urofill is ideal for patients who are dissatisfied with the caliber of the penis and want an aesthetic and functional increase.
  2. Improved self-esteem and sexual satisfaction: Enlarging the caliber of the penis can improve self-esteem and sexual satisfaction for patients who feel insecure or anxious about the size of the penis.
  3. Correction of asymmetries: The procedure may be indicated for patients who have asymmetries in the penis, helping to correct irregularities and provide a more symmetrical and harmonious appearance.
  4. Recovery after penile surgeries: In some cases, Urofill can be used as part of the recovery process after penile surgeries, such as curvature correction or penile implants, helping to improve the aesthetics and function of the organ.


Contraindications of Urofill

Despite being a safe and effective procedure for many patients, Urofill has some contraindications, including:

  1. Active infection: Patients with active genital or systemic infections should not undergo the procedure until the infection is treated and resolved.
  2. Hypersensitivity: Individuals with a history of hypersensitivity or allergies to hyaluronic acid or other filler components should avoid Urofill.
  3. Coagulation disorders: Patients with coagulation disorders or who use anticoagulant medications should consult their physician before undergoing the procedure, as there is a greater risk of bleeding and bruising.
  4. Unrealistic expectations: Urofill is not indicated for patients who have unrealistic expectations regarding the results of the procedure. It is important for the urologist to discuss and establish realistic expectations with the patient prior to treatment.
  5. Autoimmune or Immunosuppressive Diseases: Patients with autoimmune or immunosuppressive diseases should consult their physician before taking Urofill, as these conditions may increase the risk of complications and side effects.
  6. Skin cancer or history of cancer in the genital area: The procedure is not recommended for patients with skin cancer or a history of cancer in the genital area, as Urofill may interfere with medical evaluation and follow-up.

It is critical that patients consult with an experienced urologist before undergoing the Urofill procedure to discuss their specific conditions, expectations and concerns. The physician will be able to assess the patient’s suitability for treatment and advise the patient on the possible outcomes and risks associated with Urofill.


How does Urofill treatment work?


Treatment with Urofill involves a careful and detailed process, from the initial consultation to the post-procedure follow-up. In this section, we will explain the Urofill treatment process step by step.


Initial consultation

  1. Medical evaluation: During the first consultation, the urologist will assess the patient’s general health, medical history and discuss their expectations and concerns related to the procedure. This assessment is crucial in determining whether the patient is a good candidate for Urofill.
  2. Physical exam: The doctor will perform a physical exam of the penis to assess the anatomy and identify possible asymmetries or conditions that may affect the procedure.
  3. Treatment planning: Based on the medical evaluation and physical examination, the urologist will create a personalized treatment plan for the patient, including the amount of filling material to be used and the injection technique.


Preparation for the procedure

  1. Pre-Procedure Instructions: The physician will provide specific instructions to the patient prior to the procedure, including temporarily stopping medications that may affect blood clotting and healing.
  2. Hygiene: The patient should ensure adequate hygiene of the genital area prior to the procedure to minimize the risk of infection.

Urofill procedure

  1. Local anesthesia: The doctor will apply a local anesthetic to the penis to ensure patient comfort during the procedure.
  2. Injection of the filler material: Using a fine needle or a cannula, the doctor will inject the hyaluronic acid into the penile tissue, according to the established treatment plan. The doctor may also gently massage the penis to evenly distribute the filler material and prevent lumps or irregularities.
  3. Procedure Time: The Urofill procedure usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to complete, depending on the amount of filling material used and the injection technique.


Recovery and post-procedure follow-up

  1. Post-Procedure Instructions: After your treatment, your doctor will give you specific instructions for recovery, such as avoiding intense physical activity and sexual intercourse for about a week.
  2. Massage: The patient may be instructed to gently massage the penis for the first few weeks after the procedure to help maintain even distribution of the filler material.
  3. Medical follow-up: The patient should return to the physician’s office for follow-up appointments, as recommended by the urologist. These consultations are important to evaluate the evolution of the treatment and identify possible complications.
  4. Maintenance: As hyaluronic acid is a temporary filler, Urofill results last an average of 12 to 18 months. To maintain the desired results, the patient can choose to have maintenance sessions as needed.


Benefits and results


Treatment with Urofill offers many benefits and positive results for patients seeking to improve their urological health and the aesthetic appearance of the penis. In this section, we will describe the main benefits and expected results after the procedure.


Enlargement of the penis

One of the main benefits of Urofill is the increase in the caliber of the penis, providing a more voluminous and harmonious appearance. This result can have a significant impact on the patient’s self-esteem, helping to improve their confidence and emotional well-being.


Improved sexual function

Urofill can contribute to the improvement of sexual function and performance, since the greater circumference of the organ can provide greater stimulation during sexual intercourse. This can result in greater satisfaction for both the patient and their partner.


Correction of asymmetries and deformities

Urofill treatment can also be used to correct penile asymmetries or deformities, such as abnormal curvatures or areas of loss of volume. This can lead to an improvement in the aesthetic appearance of the organ and reduce physical discomforts that may be associated with these conditions.


Self-esteem and quality of life

The aesthetic and functional results of Urofill can have a significant impact on the patient’s self-esteem and quality of life. Many men who undergo treatment report greater satisfaction with the appearance of their penis and greater confidence in their intimate relationships.


Minimally invasive procedure

One of the main attractions of Urofill is the fact that it is a minimally invasive procedure, with a low risk of complications and reduced recovery time. This allows patients to resume their daily activities quickly after treatment, minimizing the impact on routine and lifestyle.


Long-lasting but temporary results

Although the results of Urofill are temporary, lasting an average of 12 to 18 months, many patients appreciate being able to adjust the volume and appearance of the penis with tin powder. This allows the patient to tailor the treatment to their personal needs and preferences.


Personalized treatment

Urofill offers the opportunity for personalized treatment, tailored to the specific needs and goals of each patient. The urologist can adjust the amount of filler material and injection technique to obtain the best possible results, ensuring patient satisfaction.


Risks and possible complications


While Urofill treatment is considered safe and minimally invasive, like any medical procedure, it can carry some risks and potential complications. In this section, we will discuss the risks associated with the treatment and the measures that can be taken to minimize them.


Allergic reactions and inflammation

One of the possible complications of Urofill treatment is the development of allergic or inflammatory reactions at the injection site. These reactions are rare, but may occur in patients who are sensitive to hyaluronic acid or other components of the product.

To minimize this risk, it is important for the urologist to assess the patient’s medical history and allergies prior to treatment.



Although the risk of infection is low, it can still occur after treatment with Urofill. To reduce this risk, it is essential to follow the hygiene and post-procedure care guidelines provided by the urologist.

This may include cleaning the injection site properly, avoiding activities that could expose the penis to bacteria, and using prophylactic antibiotics if necessary.


Nodules and irregularities

In some cases, filling with Urofill can result in the formation of lumps or irregularities in the penis. This can occur if the product is injected improperly or if the patient fails to follow post-procedure recommendations.

To minimize this risk, it is important that the treatment is performed by an experienced urologist and that the patient follows the post-procedure guidelines correctly.


Uneven resorption and unsatisfactory results

Uneven resorption of hyaluronic acid can lead to unsatisfactory or asymmetrical results. To avoid this problem, the urologist must apply the product evenly and monitor the resorption process during follow-up appointments.

If necessary, maintenance sessions can be carried out to correct any irregularities.


Temporary side effects

Some patients may experience temporary side effects after treatment with Urofill, such as pain, swelling, redness, and bruising at the injection site. These effects are usually mild and disappear within a few days.

To minimize discomfort, patients can apply ice to the site and avoid intense physical activity until symptoms disappear.


Risks associated with anesthesia

Although treatment with Urofill is usually performed under local anesthesia, some patients may experience adverse reactions to the anesthesia, such as allergies, nausea or dizziness. It is important that the urologist is aware of these possible reactions and takes precautions to ensure patient safety during the procedure.


Decreased sensitivity

Although rare, some patients may experience a temporary reduction in penile sensation after treatment with Urofill. This condition usually improves over time as the body adapts to the padding.

It is important that the patient communicates to the urologist if this reduction in sensitivity persists or negatively affects their sexual function.




Throughout this article, we explore the Urofill penile filling technique, an innovative and minimally invasive treatment that aims to increase the caliber of the penis and improve patients’ self-esteem and quality of life.

We reiterate the importance of Urofill in the area of urology, highlighting its indications, benefits and expected results, as well as the risks and possible complications associated with the treatment.


Importance of Urofill in Urology

Urofill represents a significant advance in the field of urology and sexual medicine, offering patients an effective, non-invasive treatment option to address self-esteem issues related to penis size.

This innovative procedure is a promising alternative to traditional surgical techniques, with less risk and faster recovery time.


Seeking professional guidance

In order to obtain the best results with Urofill treatment, it is essential that patients seek advice and treatment from an experienced and qualified urologist.

A trained professional is able to correctly assess the patient’s needs and expectations, as well as ensure the proper and safe application of the penile filler.


Aftercare and maintenance

As mentioned earlier, it is important that patients

Patients follow the post-procedure guidelines provided by the urologist to ensure adequate recovery and satisfactory results.

In addition, maintenance sessions may be necessary to ensure the durability and uniformity of the results obtained with Urofill.


In short, Urofill is a revolutionary penile filler technique that has the potential to significantly improve the lives of many men.

By seeking treatment from an experienced urologist and following pre- and post-procedure guidelines, patients can achieve remarkable, long-lasting results with this innovative treatment.


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